Yes, it does. ClickShare support Airplay on iOS9 & above.
CSE-200 supports Airplay except CS-100.

When you are sharing over AirPlay and there is an incoming phone call, the sharing stops.

When I open the ClickShare Presenter App on Android there is an error message Login rejected.
The reason is because the setting "Disable mobile apps" is enabled in the Base Unit.
On ClickShare Presenter for iOS the App will close itself directly.

The default password is "clickshare". All default passwords can be found in the ClickShare installation and user guides available at the ClickShare product section at www.barco.com. Default passwords can be updated by logging into the ClickShare Base Unit's web interface. For further information please refer to the installation manual or user guide, or visit the Barco YouTube channel.

For hearing audio from base unit along with video, you have to follow the procedure as under
1.Go to speaker icon at bottom right corner of laptop.
2.Right click on it and select playback devices.
3.A small window opens and will show you clickshare speakers( it only happens when your buttons are ready to connect with base unit).
4.Now make those speakers as default and you will get the audio from base unit.
5.You can use amplified speakers, give that audio to any amplifier.

No. Each ClickShare Button has the "show me full screen" feature, which allows the user to remove all content from the central display and replace it with his own content, full screen.

Yes it supports, extended desktop is the part of windows7 & 8.

As extended desktop is not supported, this functionality of MS PowerPoint is also not supported.

ClickShare transfers and displays the image data using a 24bit colour depth in a RGB colour space.

yes it support using clickshare , clickshare presenter app, mirrorop presenter app(supports only galaxy devices)

Yes it supports using ClickShare presenter App, Android version- 2.3 & above.

Yes it support using MirrorOp app, software version----4.0 & above

Yes, it support both Fedora and Ubuntu.

If the video conferencing codec has a separate data channel, you can use the video output of the ClickShare Base Unit as a video input in the codec.

No, we do not offer an API or support RS-232 for the first release of ClickShare.

Yes, ClickShare is compliant with HDCP. This means that when HDCP content is shared with ClickShare, a black image will be shown on the central display.

The integrator can define a period of inactivity (i.e. no ClickShare Button is connected to the Base Unit), after which the ClickShare Base Unit will mute the video output to the display or projector.
Depending on the configuration of the display or projector, this can trigger a standby mode in the display or projector. As soon as a ClickShare Button is plugged into the laptop and connecting to the Base Unit, the Base Unit restores the video output signal to the display or projector, showing a welcome message or introduction screen.
Another way to control the standby behavior of the ClickShare Base Unit is by pressing the standby button at the front of the unit.

No. When you plug in the ClickShare Button, a drive will appear among the devices with removable storage. On this ClickShare drive, an executable file is available for Windows and Mac. Double clicking this executable file will start the application required to use ClickShare. When the meeting has ended, you can simply plug out the ClickShare Button and nothing will be left on your computer.

If you choose the "zero installation" scenario, you indeed have to start the application every time you start using a ClickShare Button. For the rest of the meeting, you can simply click the Button to share your content or to remove it from the central screen.
If you want to avoid starting up the application in each meeting, you can choose to install a service on your laptop. You can find this starter service installer on the ClickShare drive as well. Once installed, this service runs in the background. Upon detecting a ClickShare Button being plugged in, it starts the ClickShare application automatically. Note that you will need administrator rights on the laptop to install this service.

We do not offer a specific solution to protect the ClickShare Buttons or detect that they leave the room. However, their design avoids confusion with a USB flash drive. Moreover, the ClickShare Button is designed in such a way that people will notice it when walking away from the meeting room (weight, size, cable).
In the rare case that one takes the Button away from a meeting room by mistake.

There are no provisions to fixate the ClickShare Button on the table, you can design as your comfort

The ClickShare Button is a USB 2.0 device. It will work on a USB 3.0 port as well.

No, you do not need admin rights on your laptop to use ClickShare.

Yes, we offer a 19" rack mount kit. This kit includes the rack mount, mounting screws and extension cables to bring the antennas to the front of the rack.

That depends on the configuration of the Base Unit: you can select whether the SSID (Service Set Identifier) is broadcasted or not. If the SSID is broadcasted, the network will appear in your list of wireless networks. If the SSID is not broadcasted, it depends on your operating system and the software you use to scan for wireless networks or devices. At most, a network called SSID not broadcasted or Hidden WLAN (or something similar) will show up in the list of wireless networks.
By default, the SSID is not broadcasted.

To connect to the Base Units built-in wireless access point, you need to know its SSID and password. When connected, this link can only be used for administration purposes.

ClickShare works in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band. This leaves you with many channels to choose from. The web interface of the Base Unit allows you to manually select the most appropriate channel to be used by the system.

No, we only support IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, commonly called Wi-Fi.

There are two levels of security on ClickShare. First of all, the network between the Base Unit and the ClickShare Buttons is protected with WPA2-PSK authentication. In the unlikely case that this would be hacked, we arrive at the second level of encryption: the content itself that is sent over the network is also encrypted. Next to that, it is also interesting to note that we are not sending the file itself over the network, but only snapshots of the laptops screen.

Yes we provide them on demand at additional charges.
Note that extending the antenna with an extension cable has an impact on the quality of the signal. This signal quality depends on the quality of the extension cable and the extension distance.

The type is RP-SMA. Note that it is not permitted to use antennas other than the ones provided with the Base Unit.

As with other wireless networks based on IEEE 802.11, this depends heavily on the existing environment, meaning infrastructure of the building and other wireless networks and devices that are sharing the spectrum with the ClickShare Base Units. It will also depend on the type of content that is shared, using the ClickShare Buttons.
As a reference, 1 ClickShare Button sharing HD video will consume approximately 8-10Mbps. The maximum physical rate of the WiFi module of the ClickShare Button is 65Mbps.

In 2.4 ghz there are 13 channels, in 5 ghz there are 5 channels.

The USB ports at the back are used to connect USB keyboard/mouse, if you want to restore the base unit to its factory settings.
To connect our ClickShare link
For future extensions
To charge your smartphone

It is used to access the configuration settings & firmware upgrades of the base unit.

Static contents are like images, pdf, docs and dynamic contents are like video, flash files etc.

connect the button with USB port open the clickshare drive on your computer run the executable file when a message appears at bottom right corner------ ready to share Press the button to transfer the display.

Your laptop screen share the main display along with the other display, full screen if single, in quad view if already 3 were there.

On longer click your screen will shown on full screen.

yes , after pressing button again.

Yes, The ClickShare Button Manager is a stand-alone software application to manage your Buttons and all your types of ClickShare Base Units via your computer. Your computer can pair or unpair up to four Buttons at once with a known Base Unit. It is not necessary anymore to physically connect the Button with the Base Unit to pair it. This functionality makes it easy to use any Button with any Base Unit. Different Base Units can be added to the ClickShare Button Manager. These units can be added automatically when on the same network as the computer, or they can be added manually via the downloaded configuration file.

Just click on more info and unblock in next popup. Approve in the next popup message and Click Share will no longer be attacked by Trend Micro.

Buttons are mobile thereby allowing freedom of using them from anywhere on the table. Users are not confined to cable cubby locations on the table. (This is true for other wireless solutions also, but they need to be addressed with other strengths / differentiators of ClickShare.)

  • The mobility allows flexibility in multi conference room setup where buttons from one room can be used in another one for a particular meeting that needs more number of buttons.
  • Buttons do not have any other use except being used with ClickShare. As such, there should not be any motivation for intentional stealing.
  • Buttons are large enough so that while packing their laptops, users will definitely be aware of a device attached to it and will remove it (try to demonstrate).
  • Even if a button goes out unintentionally, it will be returned.

The only unaddressed issue is Intentional Stealing (without any use for the product!!!)

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