ClickShare – now offers different ways to share your content for enhanced flexibility

ClickShare wireless collaboration solutions are secure, easy to manage and are known to perform all the time. Thanks to a range of models, each offering a specific set of features designed to match the needs of your IT department,ClickShare is sure to boost business efficiency and performance. When you invest in ClickShare, you prepare your enterprise for the Digital Workplace.

Since the launch of our wireless presentation solution some five years back, ClickShare button has revolutionized the way, content is shared in the meeting rooms. After all these years, the iconic Button is still the best known way to share content on any meeting room screen but recently new ways of collaborating were introduced and now ClickShare offers three additional software based options for richer content sharing and collaborating.


1. The Iconic ClickShare Button, straightforward and simple

Plug the USB device (either USB-A or USB-C) into your laptop, start the application and click the Button. In seconds, you are ready to share your content using the meeting room’s AV equipment.

A small executable file activates the ClickShare Button:

  • Start the executable manually every time you plug a ClickShare Button into your USB port. Go to the USB drive and launch the ClickShare for Windows or Mac executable.
  • Or run the executable automatically, if you install the ClickShare Launcher service on your laptop. IT departments can easily do it across all user devices.

2. The ClickShare Desktop App, seamless and powerful

The ClickShare Desktop App for PC and Mac is an easy-to-install, intuitive and secure app to get on screen fast and start rich collaboration with any ClickShare wireless collaboration solution in any meeting room. Make sure to have firmware version 1.7  installed on your Base Unit to enable the best experience with the Desktop App.

  1. Admin free installation from ClickShare App
  2. Choose from a list of meeting rooms in your vicinity to connect
  3. Easily share your content to the room, including pause sharing. Combine Button and App for the richest experience.

3. The ClickShare App on your mobile device, perfect match for BYOD

The ClickShare App allows for simple and intuitive content sharing with a click of the virtual Button from any iOS or Android device. Share, annotate and save content to the central meeting room screen in the same way as with the traditional ClickShare Button.

  1. Download the ClickShare App for free
  2. Connect your Android or iOS device to your ClickShare Wi-Fi network
  3. Open the ClickShare App and click on the (virtual) Button to share

4.  Airplay / GoogleCast / Miracast on your mobile device or laptop

The display of your mobile device can be fully mirrored onto the central meeting room display using Airplay (for MacOS and iOS devices), Google Cast (for Android devices) or Miracast in four simple steps:

  1. Connect your device to the “ClickShare-xxx” Wi-Fi network, enter the password (default password is “clickshare”)
  2. Select “Screen Mirroring” on your Device
  3. Select your ClickShare Base Unit
  4. Your screen will now be mirrored via the ClickShare Base Unit on the meeting room’s AV equipment

New ClickShare products enable power of collaboration to every type of meeting

Collaboration tools are what drive meetings today. These tools become indispensable, once these are adopted by any organization. Collaboration by using spontaneous screen sharing by more than one presenter makes it easy to exchange ideas and quickly and decisively arrive at right conclusions. ClickShare, the most popular collaboration tool expands its product range by introducing two new models. More information from a webinar you can watch here unveiling these models.

Smaller Meeting Solution

It is easy for companies to justify these collaboration tools for large meeting rooms and boardrooms but higher costs restrict their adoption in smaller rooms / huddle rooms. cs-100 huddleThe latest member of ClickShare family ClickShare CS-100 Huddle makes it easy for companies to enable ClickShare features across organization. Participants in huddle rooms can now experience spontaneous, ad-hoc and swift content sharing. hence, this new tool enables smaller groups to meet, collaborate and take faster decisions.

boost exchanges

The second new model ClickShare CSE-200+, allows participants to work with totally new features. This includes all features of the most popular CSE-200 plus annotation, black-boarding, touch-back and 4K support with every type of device. clickshare cse-200 plusThe latest feature of integrating an HDMI input in the CSE-200+ model means that manual switching between wired legacy sources (such as cameras) and wireless content doesn’t longer need. More interactivity and feature-rich sharing enables people to reach outcomes more quickly.

Share Data in your Way

ClickShare app for mobile devices always existed; ClickShare is now launching a new App for PC and Mac. The option of sharing content with both Button and App is an intuitive way of collaborating, enriched by power-user functionalities such as extended desktop, pause function, etc.
ClickShare models now function both standalone and in a network, and can be remotely managed by the easy-to-use XMS server. This offers the highest standards for security and the flexibility to reach the level of IT integration desired by the customer (standalone, network or hybrid setup).

More accessible, more flexible and more IT-friendly, it is continues to reinvent meetings.