Display 4K content wirelessly with LDX – 8482 & ClickShare

Fully integrated, tested & validated end to end solution from Barco is a perfect match for boardrooms and high-end meeting rooms. Zero cabling makes it an ideal solution to equip already furnished meeting rooms without the hassle of running multiple cables or costly renovation. The innovative combination of Barco LDX-8482 & CSC-1 creates a unique… Read More »

knock-on effects of technology issues in meetings

Loss of morale at work? Crossing deadlines? Even missing out on a promotion? The knock-on effects of technology issues in meetings We wanted to look at how struggling with technology during meetings and presentations impacts on the stress levels of office employees. We asked 1,000 office workers across the globe who run, present or attend… Read More »

Causes of meeting technology on the IT managers performance.

Following independent research of 1000 office workers, has been conducted by Barco and Vanson Bourne into how meeting technology impacts stress, below is a list of the top 10 findings, and how they impact today’s IT manager. 1. Stresses about technology issues are drastically proving to be a regular reality for many office workers- half… Read More »

ClickShare plugs into simplicity in over 100,000 meeting rooms

Barco, a global leader in corporate visualization solutions, proudly announces that over 100,000 units of its revolutionary ClickShare wireless presentation and collaboration system have been installed. Reaching this milestone positions ClickShare at the forefront of the Corporate AV technology market, on the verge of becoming a must-have in every meeting room. Barco introduced ClickShare to… Read More »

Wireless Presentation Device for Meeting Room Collaboration

Presenting while you are it relaxed is very comfortable: laid-back, casually going through slides with the hand the keys of the laptop – hence working life can be so spontaneous. Even a presentation is not good like that. Presentation with passion means to climb up, to move around the room, walk towards your audience, get… Read More »

ClicKShare(WPS device) 12 features that must to know

ClickShare’ s strength is not just “one click to display on screen “ but it offers lot more than that. Irrespective of your role of a simple participant , an administrator , a demonstrator or an IT facilitator, there is every possibility that ClickShare will present a characteristic worth knowing. Although we maintain that ClickShare… Read More »