World Of Enhanced Technology 'Clickshare'

Ahhh, the annual business strategy review meeting. Making Finance People to review the annual outcome, then Sales presents the upcoming big advertising option, serial-ed by engineering project status report… It is an continuous meeting with endless presentations - and everyone connecting with the projector cable and checking those annoying display resolution adjustments.

Here is a bulge of confined management parting a goal sheet panel view, marking a person concept enters with each sharing their demonstration rationing own view. It's a seamless esteemed transmission of your contents, mark it "This is ClickShare."

ClickShare, also called as 'The One Click Wonder' makes meeting room collaboration easy and simple, thereby increasing overall effectiveness and efficiency.

Instantly on screen, using any device Users who want to get their presentation on the large meeting room screen, simply connect a Button to their PC or MAC.

Working Capability With BYOD Carry Any of the Android or IOS device and ClickShare is capable to connect to the output screen directly through Application Clickshare Presenter or Mirror Op.

A new meeting dynamic ClickShare changes the way you meet. Instead of focusing on one presenter, ClickShare encourages all attendees to participate. By showing visual content on the large meeting room screen, it becomes easier for everybody to prove their point.

Seamless Transmission The content sharing of clickshare is static transmission and Dynamic transmission of Video content along with the wireless audio at 30 FPS.

No Corporate Dependence Creating its own WiFi is the major concern , you could connect the transmission without any corporate network requirement.

Multi users connectivity Connect up to 8 users with single unit and the compatibility is provided for the distance of 30 meters in radius.

Password Authentication Security option Complete password authentication is provided with WPA2PSK Authentication secured with password provision.
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