ClickShare won ‘Technical Excellence award’ from PC Expert

PC-Expert-2016ClickShare has been continuously winning recognition! Our collaboration system can add another award to its growing collection: the first gave ClickShare a ‘Technical Excellence’ award from french online magazine PC expert

High-quality technology along with bold concept:

With roots going back to 1991, PC Expert is a popular French online magazine. Annually, it chooses its ‘Excellences Techniques’ (‘Technical Excellences’): products that are innovative as well as disruptive in terms of both the boldness of the concept with remarkable quality of its execution. After a product review, the PC Expert team was so impressed &enthusiastic about our ClickShare CSC-1 that they gave it an award in the category ‘Best Peripheral Product’.

PC Expert is going to publish a full article on its ClickShare trial in its upcoming edition, which will be available in mid-June on the PC Expert website. We will keep the information posted.

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