Barco ClickShare Wireless Presentation System

Provide people, a Best Wireless Presentation Device

ClickShare is one of the popular presentation system which enables users to share content their laptops or mobile device on a presentation screen with just a single click. No cables, no setup, no waiting to join in. Meetings keep continue their without any hassles.

How to Easily Connect ClilckShare ?

With ClickShare, there is no need for instruction, network log-in or technical support. You simply click, connect and share.

ClickShare Ease icon of users agree using ClickShare is easy.

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Connect the button to the USB-port

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Click the button to view on screen

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Share your work with the meeting

Plug into efficiency

Spend less time in setting up and more time in sharing.

ClickShare is coming in top wireless presentation system which allows everyone in the meeting rooms to present what's running on their device, on the same display, simultaneously. And because it's so simple to use, colleagues, associates and customers can present their views with confidence straight away.

General ClickShare Features

ClickShare Models


ClickShare cs-100

The ClickShare CS-100 one of the best experience to huddle rooms and small meeting rooms where users can easily share content from their systems laptop or smartphone on a presentation board. This standalone model delivers full HD to meeting room displays and includes one button for instant sharing.


ClickShare CSE-200

The CSE-200 offers the ClickShare experience for small & medium sized meeting rooms. It allows up to 8 persons to share content from their systems, laptop, mobile phone or tablets. It ensures the direct connectivity to the central screen & encourages collaboration.


ClickShare CSE-800

CSE-800 is the most powerful system in the ClickShare family today. It Allows up to 8 persons to share content simultaneously, the CSE-800 ensures connectivity to the central screen and encourages collaboration. The CSE-800 was designed for enterprise rollouts and offers enhanced security features, a wider range of connectivity options – including Airplay and Google Cast support for non-HDCP content – and central management.